Support and site management

The most specialized support and site management with DOTWEB

What is site management and support?

Let me start with a simple example. When you have a car and use it, you usually have to take it to the repair shop every once in a while and do a full service. The website is the same and needs to be taken care of and managed.


Why should every site be supported?

Many websites ignore this. But we must say that one of the biggest mistakes after the completion of your website is not having a manager and backer for your site who, to put it simply, can service and update your site from time to time. DOTWEB experts will guide you in this matter so that your site does not get sick and does its job properly.

Support and site management costs

The best site support and management tariff with DOTWEB

The cost of site management and control is a completely variable thing. The cost will vary depending on whether your site is designed with Word Press or other CMSs or with site design coding. What features your site has is also involved in changing the cost of managing and supporting your site. But we have to promise you that the cost of site management and support in a web design and programming company.