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Dedicated sites from 0 to 100 are manually coded and designed by the dotweb team, so fully expandable, supported and adaptedThey are based on SEO principles and only because each site is designed and coded once in advance on dotweb and without the cost of new watches sold in large numbers, site design is cheap.

Site Design


What is a custom website or dedicated website?!!

By designing a dedicated website, you can add any features you want to your site and what custom websites or dedicated websites are written in what programming languages?!The design of dedicated websites is often written on the basis of, and some of these websites on the user side use JavaScript and in the server section of the php language that .1000 web experts use to design your site according to your business.

طراحی سایت اختصاصی و سفارشی

Exclusive or...!?

Dedicated site or WordPress site ? 

Although both methods can be used to design all websites, a precise choiceIt can have a great impact on the feedback and efficiency of your site.

Custom website or dnn?!

Well, in response to which type of site design is best, we should say that depending on your business type and time, you can make the best choice.

وبسایت وردپرسی یا کدنویسی!؟

Most large companies use dedicated website design

Because the company’s identity and credibility can be displayed by designing a quality site and designing a dedicated and customized website can help increase your company’s credibility.

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