Design App

Thrive with your business by designing an appBasic

Apps have come to make it easier for us to do things in different fields and to speed up our work.

Implementing new ideas

The app is a very broad platform where new and creative ideas can be implemented, startup ideas that are the beginning of great success.

Synchronous technologies of the day

All coding is in line with the latest technologies and every update on the platform happensfall, apply

Implementation of Google standards

Like sites, apps need SEO and optimization.Professional app making orders are optimized and will rank well in Google.

High idleness

Many apps need to be developed after a while and add functionality.In this case, according to the features of the app, development is done.

UI/UX Design

The structure of the professional application in accordance with the principles of user experience and user interface can be very varied and tailored to your needs and dedicated designs are carried out according to the scope of the app.

Reasonable cost

Apps are priced according to the features and features you need.Um Taban Shahr offers all professional apps at reasonable prices.

Build a powerful application

A barrier to economic failures

If your job has suffered a lot of losses, especially during the Corona era, or you have a new idea to start your own business, or you want to turn your business into a modern business in the future, then join us to build an app.

Applications are generally divided into 3 categories!


  • Android App
  • ios App 
  • Web Application
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Advantages of creating an app

According to the latest 2020 surveys, people spend the most of their spare time on their mobile phone than any other electronic device (between 3 and 4 hours a day).Designing an Android or iOS mobile app on your customers’ phone can differentiate you from all your competitors if it comes with an attractive idea.Just make the mobile app professional.

Design a dedicated application

Today, more people than ever before, people are moving toward useful content.Mobile devices are the best tool to access information.If you want people to see your products, use your services, find you or contact you, designing a dedicated app is the best way to achieve your goals.An app that looks better sells better and looks more attractive.Designing a dedicated app will help your business succeed a lot.

? What does a dedicated app do

A dedicated app could potentially allow you to focus on important parts of your business to put you ahead among competitors.Vista’s team starts building a dedicated app by listening to customer demands.We will fully understand your needs, challenge your ideas, researchWe do deep and create a dedicated app that solves your unique issues.We have a deep understanding of what is essential to connecting technology to valuable business outcomes.We also understand that different industries and companies have different needs and limitations.Vista will help you build a dedicated app.

Each application is generally performed in 3 stages and delivered to the employer


  • Graphic design
  • Coding by dotweb experts
  • Testing and downloading
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Advantages of performing beta test

You can test your app with real users and find problems before it’s too late.If there are problems, bugs, bugs or low levels of user experience, you can solve these problems using valuable feedback.You will also have fewer problems after the final release of the app.

? What is React Native

React Native is an open source UI framework for mobile application design that can be used to create applications for iOS, Android, Web and UWP (a platform for building apps under Windows, XBOX, etc.).Ray Act Nitio based onFacebook’s popular service, React, is used in user design or UI.React’s main focus is on the browser, but React Native is used to design a mobile application.If you’re one of the people who like JavaScript, be sure to experienceEnjoyable with React Native

Applications can be designed and produced in different fields, including income

طراحی اپلیکیشن امورمالی

Financial Affairs App

طراحی اپلیکیشن بازی

Game App

طراحی اپلیکیشن بهداشتی

Medical App

طراحی اپلیکیشن سفر

Commuter App

طراحی اپلیکیشن کتاب

Book & Press App

طراحی اپلیکیشن تناسب اندام

Fitness App

Brand with app

Branding in general means all the ways and methods that make customers know and prepare your company name and your product or service.Through branding, you can give a strong and positive look to the company and even yourself.The constant presence of your business app on customers’ mobile phones will keep your brand in the minds of the audience and influence and branding.